What To Expect From Your South Florida Business Litigation Attorney

If you have the need for the services of a South Florida business litigation attorney, you want to be taken seriously whether you run a small or large business. You should expect no less than a thorough and impartial review of the facts and circumstances surrounding your legal situation. An attorney with extensive knowledge of South Florida corporate and business law should advise you based on the facts and be honest with you about your case’s strengths and weaknesses. He or she should also talk to you about what to expect as your legal situation unfolds, whether in mediation or in a court of law.

Commercial and Corporate Litigation Experience

Experience in corporate and commercial litigation in the state of Florida should be high on your list of priorities when you need legal representation. An attorney who has argued in state and federal court and who has experience in appellate court knows what to expect and can advise you competently as to what your options are. Your attorney should have experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in order to understand the likely series of events that take place as a case proceeds. He or she should also have a good idea which cases may be settled without having to go to trial.

Knowledge of Employment Law and Contracts

Comprehensive knowledge of state and federal employment laws is critical to your success in dealing with employment cases. The ability to accurately interpret contracts and having an encompassing knowledge of common aspects of employment law like non-compete covenants and the use or misuse of corporate proprietary information are other qualities you should require of your attorney. If you have a legal issue concerning South Florida corporate and business law, your business and livelihood may depend on competent legal representation.

Expertise on Construction, Real Estate and Banking Regulations

Many businesses eventually find themselves dealing with disputes involving construction, real estate, or banking, which are often closely intertwined. The regulatory environment in these areas is complex, and it takes a skilled attorney to accurately define your situation, know which regulations apply, and advise you properly on what your options are. In some cases, disputes can be effectively resolved without a lawsuit ever being filed, and if this is true in your case, it could save everyone time and money. However, if a lawsuit is unavoidable, you want an attorney who is aggressive and tenacious and who has a solid track record of prevailing in the courtroom.

Mediation Services

Most state courts in Florida require mediation before a trial date can be set. Having a lawyer who is certified as a civil mediator can help you avoid a trial, giving both parties to a dispute the ability to resolve a case themselves rather than leaving it up to a jury or a judge. In these cases having a legal representative who has experience with mediation can increase the chances for a satisfactory outcome.

Don’t shortchange yourself when it comes to hiring legal counsel. A competent business attorney can save you from costly mistakes, and you should expect no less than the best.